Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to Farm up to 150 Gold/Hour Nostalrius Elysium

Hi guys, this is my second video related to gold farming, this one also features a mage, but this time the action happens in Dire Maul east.
There are a few tips and tricks in the video, some of you might already know about this method of farming, but there's always something new to learn to improve ourselves in the best MMO ever made.

Now keep in mind that this video is 20+ minutes long and I'm confident that 1 instance run is doable under 15 minutes, some might speed it up to under 15 and if the trick i'm showing at the end of the video worlk on Nostalrius/Elysium, you might farm even more than 200 gold/hour only on the lower lvl on dungeon.

Fortunately, this guide is not only for images, priests can do it also, a skilled warlock might do it and with the right spec even a hunter.

- Source, Frostadamus

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